The Uae Food & Drink

“How Near-Term Demand Weakness Is Reshaping Company Strategies”
A New Report from Business Monitor International (BMI). The UAE Food & Drink Competitive Intelligence Report Competition for market share in the UAE continues to intensify as food and drink firms battle against the conflicting interests of limited growth prospects but appealingly-high spending levels and as local players seek to ward off the ever-growing threat of multinational competition. Responding to our clients’ requests, BMI’s food and drink analysts have just produced The UAE Food & Drink Competitive Intelligence Report, analyzing and comparing the strategies adopted by major players as they seek to exploit opportunities and mitigate risks in a rapidly changing environment.
Whether you are a food and drink manufacturer, investor or supplier to the industry, you will benefit from the following key features of this report: the UAE food & drink competitive intelligence report pUblished by bUsiness monitor internAtionAl Company Profiles on the UAE’s 10 leading food and drink companies, containing Company overview, latest Company Developments, Product information, local/regional/global operations.

The UAE Food & Drink Competitive Intelligence Report is available to industry professionals, strategists, trade bodies, government, and regulatory agencies and international investors on preferential terms for a limited period only – Saving you 15% on your report order (see back page special Discount order Form). BMI’s clients, who include over 400 of the Global Fortune 500 companies rely on our competitive intelligence analysis and data to benchmark competitors and peers at leading multinational and local companies operating across the Middle East & African food and drink markets.

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The Uae Food & Drink
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Carlsberg MW Brewery
Coca Cola
Mars GCC Fzc
Mitsubishi Corporation
Pepsico International
Red Bull
The Boston Consulting Group
Unilever North Africa & Middle East

Company Profile Contents

Company Overview: Date established, ownership structure, main business units, core maSafI business operations, leading products, market share.
Latest Company Developments: M&a, joint ventures, divestment/investments, projects, contracts, new product launches, regulatory issues, announcements. “
Product Portfolio: leading brands and new product development initiatives.
Local, Regional & Global Operations: Domestic sales, main regional/global export markets, foreign purchases, JVs, and strategic partnerships.
SWOT Analysis: analysis of company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats allowing for an examination of factors – both internal and external – that will affect future company performance.
Company Strategy: Analysis of company responses to fast-changing local market conditions, ranging from distribution network expansion to exploring new markets and from portfolio diversification to widen sales reach to research and development investment to secure future growth prospects. growth y-o-y, set against historic 5-year financial performance; covers revenues, operating profit, net profit, Basic EPS, and EBITDA. Masafi aims to strengthen its market position by introducing new products and developing manufacturing and marketing strategies. It has a wide range of products, ranging from a two-liter mineral water bottle to a sizeable juice range. The company also promotes itself as highly socially responsible, entering into partnerships with international humanitarian and medical relief organizations. Masafi has also been looking abroad for growth, with overseas sales now accounting for nearly 30% of its business…

UAE-based conglomerate EMKE Group, owner of the Emirate’s leading Lulu branded supermarkets and hypermarket will invest SAR1bn (US$267mn) in Saudi Arabia over the next eighteen months – a decision we believes makes sense given our view that Saudi Arabia houses the Gulf region’s most promising mass grocery retail (MGR) industry on a number of counts… ”. Market overview analysis of sector maturity, industry expenditure, foreign investment, GDP contribution, key industry players, regulatory environment, imports, and exports. SWoT Analysis strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis covering government policy and foreign investment environment, local manufacturing standards, growth and demand trends, demographic and macroeconomic trends, distribution infrastructure and supply chain standards, and the competitive landscape. “
However, its industry reward score is the lowest of the top three ranked markets, emphasizing the relative maturity of the UAE market, with high existing per capita consumption levels. Although strong per capita food consumption growth does not forecast, which is the main card Bahrain has in its favor against the UAE, premiumization opportunities have yet to be exhausted despite ongoing real economy weakness (mostly in Dubai) inflicted by the 2009 economic downturn… ” *Israel has been included for comparative purposes only. Had it been ranked, it would have scored fourth.


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