Posted: June 5th, 2021

The Same Sexe Mariage

The aim of this article is to have a big picture of the debating on the same sex marriage and the adoption of children by same sex-couples. In fact, this question makes a real society debate in France. Nowadays, many people think that the same- sex marriage is a good evolution of mentalities, and a big step in the French culture. Indeed, the marriage for everyone is an achievement to equality and human rights. We emphasize that the marriage cannot be denied for two people who love each other. It should therefore not forget that marriage is merely a contract established by two people.
And the situation in which the government is paradoxical because we should not forget that marriage for all concerns only a few thousand people in France. It is a minority. The fact that a family will be unbalanced if there are two fathers or two mothers is really unfounded. Because in some situations, two fathers or two mothers best educate children than a classic couple. And it is quite possible that two gay parents are divided the roles in the education of a child. Finally on this point, if this problem is a religious problem. It must not be forgotten that the state is completely independent of the church.
So It has nothing to say about what the state should do. To conclude, I think marriage for all Is a good thing because It shows that the society is able to evolve In the right direction. And this would Increase the gap between church and state, which would be beneficial for everyone. Because the church can get ideas to those who believe In It. But shall In no case be put his own choice before everyone. Because for most people, the choices that the church Is Just incomprehensible. By cons, It must be noted that the case of adoption for all Is still a thing that will take time to be accepted, because It creates more problems.

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The Same Sexe Mariage
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