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On December 10, 2012, the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree “On measures for further improving foreign language learning system”. It is noted that in the framework of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On education” and the National Programme for Personnel Training in the country, a comprehensive foreign languages’ teaching system, aimed at creating harmoniously developed, highly educated, modern-thinking young generation, further integration of the country in the world community, has been created.
It has been made clear in the law that foreign language teaching policy should be reformed which entails to conduct researches on specific features of foreign language teaching and learning which cannot ignore the significance of the study on American slangs in literary texts and their appropriate transfer into Russian language. This qualification paper is devoted to the study of challenges in the transfer of American slangs in the art text into Russian language.
The topicality of the qualification paper is determined by the fact that the significance of slangs in American literature is eminent which holds an immense value prior to gaining accurate transfer of them into any other foreign language. Russian is no exception in this case which has resulted in enormous debates in recent investigations.

The novelty of the qualification paper is the influence of government manipulation on the transfer of slangs into Russian language during the last century and how the loss of restrictions has effected to the translation of slangs in contemporary Russian literature which is presented through comparison of two translations of the novel The Catcher in the Rye into Russian.
The aim of qualification paper is to study the significance of slangs in American art texts and how they can be transferred into Russian language accurately that is assisted by the perusal of theoretical data by literary critics. The thesis also intends to analyse certain problematic issues of accurate translation of slangs which is highly affected by a number of factors such as lack of equivalent words in the target language.
To reach the intended goals the qualification paper puts different tasks before:

To define the term slang etymologically as well as the birth of its in human language
To discuss the significance of slangs in American literary texts
To give some preliminary data on the problems of slang translation
To study major challenges of accurate transfer of American slangs into Russian language
To compare two translations of the one American novel featuring slangs excessively The Catcher in the Rye

The subject of the study is to study the factors that might have an effect while translating slangs in literary texts into Russian language.
The object of the qualification paper is to give clear presentation on major challenges of translating slangs accurately to Russian language through analysis of the novel The Catcher in the Rye based on American slang language.
The degree of the study has presented an immense value on the nature of translating slangs in literary texts to Russian properly in a sense that favours in enhancing the chance to achieve more reliable data to the future researchers.
The main method of the study is relatively-comparative method. In this paper, the researcher mainly employs the comparison of the two translations of the aforementioned novel that appeared in two periods of Russian literature.
Theoretical value of the work is that final analysis of the paper presents crucial points that can be applied in the literature classes, lectures and as basic guidebook for future researchers thriving to study the problems of translation of literary texts.
The practical value of the qualification paper is that it can be included to the main literary critical sources of the researches to find out more on the nature of transferring American slangs in literary texts into Russian language as well as drawing necessary conclusions on what the main factors are affecting to the loss of equal translation.
The structure of the work is as follows: introduction, three chapters, conclusion and the used literature. Introduction part defines the aims and the tasks of the paper. In addition to this, it gives a brief overview of the work.
The first chapter of the thesis defines the term slang, gives scientific data on etymology of it and introduces with the brief history of first appearance of the slangs in human language.
The second chapter concentrates on the theoretical data on the account of translating slangs and some major challenges influencing to the loss of accuracy.
The primary objective of the third chapter of the thesis is to illustrate an analysis of the problems in Russian translations of the novel The Catcher in the Rye which is constructed on American slang language.
Subsequently, the concluding section of the thesis summarizes the concepts examined in the theoretical part and elucidates their relation to the analytical introspection within the problems of transfer of slangs in literary texts into Russian language.

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