The purpose of doing this is to analyze the disease history

Like all little children whenever I saw my weak mother suffering from ill health I had dreams of being a doctor. But adulthood brought some self realization and I knew that this was not the chosen profession for me. I was scared of blood and the sight of it brought nausea and giddiness in me. Dreams of taking a knife or an injection died a natural death.

As I had an aptitude for numbers and was confident of my logical thinking, I opted for Mathematics and statistics as my undergraduate major and computer science as minor. For the past five years I have been studying mathematics and statistics in University I have been involved in some projects related to the medical field.

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The purpose of doing this is to analyze the disease history
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In these projects, I used SPSS, MiniTab, SAS to generate meaningful statistical information including the comparison of means and proportions and investigation of relationships between variables using regression. Currently I am involved in a project focusing on historical census records. The purpose of doing this is to analyze the disease history of the family that would enable doctors to adopt preventive measures for future generations.
The summer of 2007, when I met a girl from the CH&E department in the course of my work in a Diabetes program reinforced the idea that I should pursue this MSc CH&E program and base my future career on this. That was the first reason for my choice of this program and Dalhousie University.
The MSc Program in Community Health and Epidemiology would enhance my knowledge, analytical skills and formal evaluative methods with application to disease prevention, health promotion and assessment of community health service and system needs. After successful completion of this program I would have honed my skills in a broad range of community health and epidemiology research studies, intervention programs and policy development efforts.
Faculty members in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology in Dalhousie have backgrounds in a number of disciplines and have contributed tremendously to Health Research and Health Promotion.
The associate professors who are the fulltime faculty here have a reputation that has added to my reasons for the choice of this school. One of my desires is to be under the expert guidance of Associate Professor Judith Guernsey. Her Ph.D. Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, her research interests and activities where there is a heavy focus on the health of rural communities have particularly appealed to me because I feel that this is an indication of true social awareness.
My interests are in the areas of addiction and health of women and when I read that
The research interests of Associate professor Susan Kirkland include Women’s Health, Aging, Health Services and Osteoporosis I consider this as a great opportunity to interact with her, and I have heard a lot about her lectures. I look forward to gaining admission in this school and be benefited by her lectures on Advanced Epidemiology. I have also read about the research activities of George Kephart and I would be fortunate to be exposed to professional caliber of such superior kind.
I also look forward to taking the course on Biostatistics which would be handled by Associate Professor Gordon Flowerdew. I would like to further enhance my training in Mathematics and statistics because I have been doing well in these subjects and am confident of rising up to the standards of all these seasoned experts
Modern population-based health management is complex, requiring a multiple set of medical, political, technological, mathematical skills of which epidemiological practice and analysis is a core component that is unified with management science to provide efficient and effective health care and health guidance to a population.
This task requires the forward looking ability of modern risk management approaches that transform health risk factors, incidence, prevalence and mortality statistics (derived from epidemiological analysis) into management metrics that not only guide how a health system responds to current population health issues, but also how a health system can be managed to better respond to future potential population health issues.
My diligent work in this educational program where I intend to make full use of the opportunity given by the course curriculum would enable me to pursue a longstanding career in the field of community health.
The field of epidemiology would allow me to contribute to the medical profession, in a way that would suit my temperament too, because this is in the medical field, but without going through the tough first hands on experience of a doctor or a nurse.
My interest and grounding in statistics would come in handy because the program enables the student to critically appraise, evaluate and design community health and epidemiological research studies and programs through the use of appropriate research methodologies and sources of information.
After successful completion of this program I would be competent enough to effectively communicate my knowledge to the public and other health professionals and this would help my career objective
My short term is to get into CH&E program, then get the master’s degree; long term plan is to work as a researcher and analyst in the medical field area. I would also try to become a health protection practitioner, working in different settings and combating outbreaks of disease.


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