The Process of Education

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Education is the process of requiring knowledge, skills and values through learning. Various methods such as teaching, training, research, and discussions are used to pass knowledge. Learning can be done formally or informally. Formal education is classes-based. Informal learning involves learning from people’s behavior or actions and more. Education is necessary for everyone since it teaches values, beliefs, and knowledge that is required for interacting with people in the world.
Education is a powerful tool for empowering every citizen and equipping everyone with skills that make one self-reliant. Knowledge acquired in classes helps students earn a living by acquiring a decent job. Education is power and with power, comes money. An individual with some level of expertise and skills has an opportunity to secure a job at an institution. Without the necessary skills, it is very hard to be hired and get a well-paying job.
Jobs acquired through education help people to earn an income hence they can acquire the basic needs and improve their lifestyle. That is one of the reasons why I pursue my Master in the United States. Studying abroad improved my language and problem-solving skills, my ability to communicate and collaborate with people from different country with different culture, all of these will make me more competitive to in the job market.

Education is our society’s foundation since it shapes people into intellectuals. Deeper learning helps us understand the world and it broadens our understanding levels. Education determines everyone’s actions and the essence of the actions. Our daily actions are based on what we have learned or observed since our younger ages. Without learning, our actions and our economic state would just be marginalized. The world today has undergone a lot of innovations and inventions through advancement in education and knowledge.
The advancements in technology such as transport, medicine, communication, construction and much more have made this world a better place to live. Our daily activities and interactions with people have been made easier and efficient with advanced technology, which has been facilitated by education.
Education is a self-empowerment tool. It helps us think critically when we find ourselves in some difficult situations and tough experiences. We often face hard decisions at some point in our lives but through using knowledge; we critically assess the situation and finally get a solution. For instance, I witnessed a teacher with a medical condition known as myocardial during one of the school games. Most of us had no idea of how to handle the situation; it would have been tragic if the victim had not received medical attention as fast as possible.
Luckily, one of the seniors had training on how to handle such cases. He swiftly acted and performed first aid on the victim. Within a few minutes, that teacher regained his consciousness and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The experience showed us the importance of having various necessary skills such as the first aid procedure since such skills might be needed at any moment. Such skills can only be acquired through learning.
The society advocates that every child is entitled to education. It is important for the educators to start programs that will entirely change such people’s lives by educating them. Education is rightful and important for everyone. As education professionals, we have a role to share knowledge and reach out to communities who are captives of illiteracy. Some organizations, corporations, businesses and sometimes the government take advantage of uninformed citizens and exploit them because they lack education. People should know their rights and fight against unlawful acts, and this can only be achieved if they are educated. Education teaches us on laws and regulations and what the community and the government expect of us. Therefore, education enhances social justice.
The society has also developed numerous learning institutions and schools to secure education for the future generations. It dictates what the world expects of us and how we should interact and behave. The society natures us from our childhood by educating us and providing us with opportunities to exercise our knowledge through offering us jobs after going through school. My graduate study can help me get a deeper understanding of the educational policies and practices from the angles of sociology, politics, economics and more.
For now, one thing that I need to consider is how China can implement similar admission criteria as U.S. In China, National College Entrance Examination scores are the only component the universities considered for admission and which major you can be. While in America, students can apply several universities together, the admission office will evaluate students form different aspect not just aspect. The people from around the world learn and work together for our shared benefits. I hope to share as much as I will learn.
With knowledge, our thinking capacity, which is, coupled with invention and innovation, has no boundaries. Communication has also been enhanced through education. Virtues and morals passed through learning are essential in our lives. People who respect each other will live very peacefully with one another. Education is an important aspect of our lives because it makes us happy and successful and it improves our lifestyle and standards of living.

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