Posted: June 19th, 2021

The Importance of Leadership in Change Management

 1.  Select  a leader, either past or present, you would like to emulate, and  highlight the characteristics that make him / her an effective leader.  Based on the information you have learned regarding leading sustainable  change, choose three (3) characteristics that enable the leader you  selected to successfully implement effective, sustainable change.  Support your answer with solid theoretical evidence. 

Please respond to this post.
The person that I picked as a leader that I would like to emulate is  Dr. Martin Luther King. Some characteristics that made Dr. King a good  leader was (1) he shared his vision. He continually talk about civil  rights and equality for everyone. He had a clear idea of where he wanted  to go, how to get there and what success looked like at the end. (2) He  demonstrated  integrity. As a leader, he used his personal views and  values to guide his decisions. He had a strong sense of character, kept  his promises, and communicated openly. (3) Empower others. Dr. King had  many people that followed him and shared the same vision as he did. At  some peace rallies, he would let others in his circle, speak on certain  topics that helped the movement. (4) Motivate and inspire. Dr. King  really motivated a lot of people during his era. Many people started to  believe that they could make a difference in the United States. Also, he  inspired a whole generation of people by hie speech made at the Lincoln  Memorial.
     The three characteristics that enabled Dr. King to successfully  implement effective, sustainable change are (1) communication-Dr. King  was an excellent communicator. He always explained the purpose of why  America had to change its ways of civil rights and equality. (2)  Collaborate-Dr. King always tried to bring the people together by  putting together non-violent marches and rallies. He tried to bring all  races together for the common good of America. (3) Commit-Dr. King was  always committed to what he believed in. He was resilient and persistent  even to the end of his life.

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