The Effects of Addicting to Cyber Social Networks

The Effects of Addicting to Cyber Social Networks Social network is an addictive thing nowadays. I believe that everyone, start from teenagers up to old people addict to cyber social networks. Almost every single breathe, they update their twit, their statues, etc. If we cannot control ourselves to use this social network in the good way, it will not take a long time for us to get the bad impacts. There are so many bad impacts of addicting social networks.
First of all, we will next to our far away people we usually connected to, but we will be far with the people around us. How come? Many people always keep contact to their friends in cyber world by social networking, so they often don’t care with the people around them. That condition absolutely makes others feel uncomfort to talk with that person. So, don’t be surprised if those real friends will stay away from that person. Actually it’s good to keep contact with people who far away with us. However, real friends are more important than cyber friends.
Why? Because if we have a problem, real friends will help us directly than cyber friends. So the main point here, we have to priority our real friends first, then our cyber friends. The second is our main activity will be annoyed because of addicting to social networks. I am sure that we often meet someone who cannot live faraway from their gadget just to update his social networks. Don’t you ever think that this habit actually is annoyed his main activity? For example, there is a student in a class.

All of us know that his main activity should be related with studying. However, if he is too busy with his social networks, how about his study? I believe that he will not be able to focus on his study because every single breathe he updates his social networks as I said before. That habit will also influence his score, how come? Because if we cannot focus on what we do, of course we will not be able to do it well. We will not be able to give our best on it. The last but not least, addicting to social networks will give bad impact for our body.
As we know that if we addict to something, in this case social networks, we will not be able to be separated with our gadgets. Whenever and wherever we go, those gadgets will stick with our hand, and absolutely it’s dangerous for us. Medical research has found that two mobile phones which are calling to each other for some hours can make an egg cooked. From that news, I think we should know how dangerous the radiation of this gadget is. Besides the radiation, too much doing this activity will make us feel lazy to move, we will sit all day long.
Sitting for a long time is also not good for our body, we have to do exercise at least 15 minutes per day regularly. As you know, it is really dangerous for us if we cannot use cyber social networks in a good way. Being far away with people around us, annoying our main activity and also causing harm for our health is just some examples of this bad habit. In my opinion, technology is good for us, but we have to use it in a good way too, so we can get the advantages. Sonia Dwi Cahyanti 110221414604/AA

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The Effects of Addicting to Cyber Social Networks
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