The Case of Nathaniel Wu

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The Case of Nathaniel Wu The case of Nathaniel Wu deals with discrimination against a man’s career, because of a very serious potential health problem. As part of the application process Nathaniel submitted a blood sample, which revealed Nathaniel had the allele for Huntington disease. Nathaniel’s case involves the questioning of ethics. Should Nathaniel be recommended or not. Nathaniel exhibits many positive aspects that could contribute to IPC. Nathaniel Wu is a top-notch microbiologist, who has spent several years working in one of the best research laboratories in the world.
Therefore, Nathaniel appears to be well qualified for the job at Intercontinental Pharmaceutical Corporation of New Jersey. Not only is Nathaniel well qualified, Dr. Peters even states that the other three applicants did not seem to share the same determination and drive as Nathaniel Wu. Therefore, it is evident that Nathaniel Wu would be a great asset for the company. Nathaniel not only met the criteria, he also gave an impressive first impression, his knowledge and research skills, portrayed that he is the type of applicant who could have a long and productive career, and seemed to be the sort of team player IPC was seeking.
Also, we cannot predict the precise age of the onset of disease. Although, Nathaniel has already lived 30 years without any symptoms, he has approximately a 60 percent chance of onset by age 40. However, there is a 10 year or more gap in which Nathaniel can and will be effective. Another positive of hiring Nathaniel is the likelihood of his research resulting in new discoveries of drugs and treatments. The company would definitely benefit from his discoveries, because the new products could improve the quality of life for countless individuals and dramatically increase the earnings for IPC.

Cons for hiring Nathaniel. Nathaniel’s potential health problem is incurable and fatal, with death commonly occurring in the patients 50s. Another negative side to hiring Nathaniel is that once he develops the symptoms, large sums of money would be needed for his medical and other costs such as disability insurance. Also soon after the onset of symptoms, a person with Huntington disease becomes unable to perform safely or productively in a laboratory setting. The disease also occurs between ages 35 to 45; therefore, Nathaniel could at most be effective for 15 years, and at least 5 years.
And even before Nathaniel becomes unable to work, he will be dealing with personality changes, including inappropriate laughter, crying, memory loss, and etc. I believe that even with Nathaniel’s condition, he should be hired. Nathaniel is a productive scientist and could be for many years. He would also be an advantage for IPC in the tough and competitive world of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ethically Nathaniel should not be seen differently become of his condition. And based on well-reasoned arguments you can conclude that Nathaniel is the best applicant for the job.

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