Telecommunication 11-3

IT security personnel need to not only know what actions we need to implement, we need to understand why we need to take them as well as any related background topics – we also need to be aware of current events as they relate to Cybersecurity
For this assignment 3 you are to pick one of the articles below and write a response to it. This is not a major writing assignment. It doesn’t have to be long – a page should suffice. It should have a short summary of the article as well as what you take away from it. It should be written so that someone who has not read the article would understand what it is about and what your perspective is on the subject.
I’m sure I don’t have to mention it, but I would be remiss if I didn’t: As with every assignment I give, do not cut and paste information from other sources – I always want your view and your words. But, I also want you to support your views with at least two in-text citations. This means you will also need an APA style reference list. A cover page is not required for this assignment. If you quote an article (or any other source) – especially if it is a direct quote, ensure you cite it properly.

the topic is :
Dropbox’s tool shows how chatbots could be future of cybersecurity

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Telecommunication 11-3
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