Posted: June 1st, 2021

Teenage Curfew

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When it comes to having a curfew, opinions can be wide spread about what it right and what is wrong. I believe though, that it is a parent’s decision whether or not they let their child out. As long as your parents know where you are, you aren’t doing anything dangerous or illegal, and you always have somebody with you in case something happens, then you shouldn’t have to worry about a curfew or getting punished for something that is perfectly harmless. When you are out after dark, always make sure your parents know where you are.
You don’t want to be somewhere without a way of contacting them. If they know where you are, then that makes the chances of them finding you a lot higher. Also, if they know where you are going, they have the option to tell you that no, you can’t go, or at least help you make choices about what you do when you get there. One other reason to make sure that your parents are aware of your location is so that they won’t have to worry about calling the police if they can’t seem to find you. It saves a lot of people a lot of trouble!
As most teens would probably have to agree, if you aren’t doing anything illegal or dangerous, then why shouldn’t you be allowed out? When out after a certain time, yes, the police are out, but why should they be monitoring you if you aren’t doing anything against the law or dangerous? It makes you feel somewhat childish being watched all the time. You shouldn’t be getting punished for being out past a certain time because a lot of people may have late jobs or games that they are coming home from and it isn’t fair to penalize them for just coming home after a long day.

No harm intended! Finally, when you are out past dark, always make sure you have a buddy with you. I mean, who doesn’t like company?! When you are alone, if you get hurt or get caught in a sticky situation, you might be incapable of calling for help. It’s always good to have someone with you so they can call for help if needed. Having a friend with you can also keep you from making wrong decisions. They can be a good second opinion on right and wrong, and keep you out of trouble. And we all know that the slammer is no fun place to be!
These are just a few reasons that I have why you should be allowed out. If you aren’t doing anything dangerous or illegal, your parents know where you are, and you always have a friend with you, then your parents should be able to make the decision whether or not they want their child out after a certain time. You shouldn’t have to worry about being punished. After all, they police aren’t the ones who raised us. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my opinion about why teenagers should have to worry about a curfew.

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