Team Management

Discussion Conflict with Teams
Part 1: Conflict within Teams
Think of a conflict that occurred in a team you were a part of and analyze it. What were the main sources of the conflict? What interventions can be used to improve the quality of conflict a team?
Part 2: Creativity in Teams
Evaluate yourself using the three indices of creativity. What strategies can you use to enhance your creativity?

In this discussion, I am presenting my ideas about importance of conflict management and resolution, most common types of conflicts that can arise in the team, and indices of creativity and those strategies that can be used to show better performance.
           According to Han & Harms, 2010, there are two types of conflicts that can arise between the people in a group, relationship conflict, and task conflict. Task conflict is a conflict where the members have a disagreement in work-related matters like ideas, concerns (Han & Harms, 2010), and relationship conflict is where the members have interpersonal incompetency that arises when the members put their personal agenda in front of the team goals (Han & Harms, 2010). Both these conflicts affect the team performance in different ways. It is essential that these kinds of conflicts are identified and eliminated in their early stages. The practices like free riding and social loafing also can lead to task conflicts. Personally, I have heard and seen a lot of cases where personal conflicts in a team lead to poor performance of the team (Behfar, Peterson, Mannix, & Trochim, 2008). Organizations must come up with schemes and policies through which they can establish healthy competition between members of the team and teams themselves. This will reduce the relationship conflicts between the members of a team and achieve better performance (Behfar, Peterson, Mannix, & Trochim, 2008).
           Creativity and innovative thinking is also essential for the team to be successful. The three indices that are important for creative ideas are flexibility, originality, and fluency (Shively, Stith, & Rubenstein, 2018). One should consider multiple ways through which the final goal can be achieved and should come up with the idea which is unique or an idea that was presented by very few members of a team (Shively, Stith, & Rubenstein, 2018). Fluency is the numbers of ideas that the member considered before making the decision, flexibility is in how many ways that the idea can be implemented, and originality is the uniqueness of the idea (Shively, Stith, & Rubenstein, 2018). These are the three indices that the members of the team should be followed to have better ideas.
Conflicts in a group occur due to the difference in opinions and lack of patience. The conflict can be resolved by replacing the negativity with a positive opinion. The conflict can be solved by preparing a solution. The conflicts must be discussed and to be communicated openly. Once the members are ready for resolution then next should understand the situation of every individual in a group.
   FORMATION OF FAVOURED GROUP: Through the favored groups there will be fewer conflicts as the problems can be resolved easily. Proper measures must be taken by the team members. Each team members must know what areas are assigned and who is accountable for them. By examining the problem, and making proper decision-making conflicts can be resolved. Listening is the natural trait one can understand the other by applying the listening skills, therefore, there will be less miscommunication and reduces the conflicts. It is important for the organization to help them by identifying the knowledge, skills, and the abilities required to handle the conflict.
              Conflict is inevitable when we move in our day to day life with the same people. These often arise when they focus more on personal issues than their substantial work. In the team conflicts usually associated with the effective decision.
             To be effective the team shall be managed by the team manager. Both the positive and the negatives as feedback shall be given to the employees. It’s the manager responsibility to frame a focus on longer-term objectives so encouragement is needed to the employees. The best manager can also not manage the work effectively. So the delegation is multiple it is capable only through the team. The manager must get together and sit down with everyone to create an individual development plan. Managed should concentrate on what role the individual employee enjoy doing the jobs as a part O for the work. It’s the manager’s responsibility to resolve the disputes. The manager must be humble and give credit to the entire team. Employees must be paired with new peers so that they feel like at home, and start communicating each and every problem., as it is an informal communication manger can easily find out problems and can be rectified easily.

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