Teaching Survival Skills

Should students be taught survival skills in schools? Have you ever thought about how you would survive if you were to be stranded alone?
No food, no water, no shelter, nothing to make a fire with except sticks and a rock. If you were in a dangerous situation, would you be able to make it out alive? Schools nowadays are teaching many different classes. Some are very useful, but some may not be. Most kids today wouldn’t know the first thing to do if they were alone and needed to find food or create a shelter.
There are no survival skills taught to us as children, we are simply taught to do paperwork our entire lives. If schools taught survival in one class in each school around the globe, human intelligence would double and we would evolve. Teaching survival skills helps the mind. It helps make us think faster, smarter and can even teach us more responsibility and independence. Indianoutskirts.com says that “humans live in many habitats and need survival skills to evolve and change according to our environment”.

Some skills students should be taught include: how to cook on an open fire, how to be able to identify if water is safe enough to drink, and how to climb a tree to get away from dangers or predators. Most parents do not teach their children or even think to see if they are equipped with survival skills. Some parents may not agree with teaching these skills in schools, they might not even want them to learn at all. They may say that they do not want to scare them or say that they do not think their child is interested in the topic.
Even though they may not be interested, parents should try to explain to them the dangers, how to avoid them and how to survive if they are ever in that situation. The biggest reason that parents should teach their kids these things is because we live in uncertain times. Children who do not learn these skill sets could face many challenges.
The world changes everyday and humans learn to adapt and to evolve with their environments. We should be teaching our kids self-defense and many other skills to benefit them in their lives. In the future, if we learn more skills as children, the human species may continue on for billions of years to come.

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Teaching Survival Skills
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