Teaching log example

Education Level of Participants: N/A Type of Education Activity (1 ambulatory, group, meeting): Observation and participation in evaluative process for residents in Family Medicine. Positive Aspects of Session: – Used a consensus approach to decision making and evaluation. – Input of all who have supervised for a more fair and objective evaluation. – Well run, and timely meeting. Difficulties of Session: – Limited context for evaluation (ex. in some instances, individuals had only been observed by anyone around the table 1 time). Despite this, most evaluators agreed regarding resident’s clinical attributes and deficiencies. – One sided Reflection and Interpretation of Session: I found myself very surprised by this session. It was unsettling for me to discuss learners in this way even with an understanding that it is necessary to evaluate. Issues regarding personal issues were brought forth in some instances to explain a resident’s behavior.
It was educational to me in that I learned that the resident’s “supervisor” (or faculty dvisor), is the person who after these meetings is responsible to then deliver the message ot the “teacher’s group” to the resident in the torm ot teedback. I a normally a part of this process, but only on paper. I am given an evaluation form to fill out on individual practice of each of the residents on my team. There is a Likert scale with points related to professionalism, collaboration and respect.
This session has really made me think more about the way in which I am filling out the evaluation ools I am asked to fill out on a monthly basis, as I now understand better how they utilized. Being present was a very new and intimidating experience for me, as I was asked for my input at this meeting. Consideration of Future Strategies for Managing Similar Sessions (Analysis): Strategies I might use in similar sessions would include pre-learning. Asking questions of the Resident Education director to be better prepared for what to expect and how I might better participate.

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Teaching log example
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