Posted: June 14th, 2021

Swot: Shopping Mall and Similar Stalls

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. SWOT Matrix |STRENGTHS |WEAKNESS | |FEATURES OF USB WATCH |MARKETING SERVICES AGENCIES | |As the USB watch has the USB the watch can also have an alarm and |As the product is new to the market it would be difficult to | |timer. increase the sales because people still don’t know about the | | |product and if they would accept the product. | |DISTRIBUTION OF THE PRODUCT |FORMS OF USB | |The product is not yet known to most of the people and making it |The product remains vulnerable to the possibility that innovation | |distributed in Alabang especially in Festival Mall and Alabang |may falter over time. |Town Center that are commonly known to them. The product can be | | |sold at CD-R King or any similar stalls. | | |FASHIONABLE WATCH | | |The USB watch has different styles and colors that make the wearer| | |stylish. | |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | |

JOINT VENTURES OR STRATEGIC ALLIANCES |WEAK BRAND NAME | |Joining CD-R king and other similar stalls that allow the product|As a new in the industry in producing a USB watch competing with | |to be introduced in the market and knowing that they are easily |a known brand like Timex. |found on malls. | | |MATERIALS ARE RECYCLED |FAST CHANGING ENVIRONMENT | |If the product can be made through recycled parts of a computer |As the people are changing what they think would be needed in | |it could make our product in a cheaper cost. |making their life convenient and having many alternatives in the | | |form of USB like pens. | |FINANCIAL CRISIS | | |As the economy slows the purchasing power of people would decline| | |and they would prefer buying their primary need. |

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