Supply Chain and Asset Protection Plan

Scenario: Thanks to your analysis of the organization’s current asset protection, your supervisor sees the need to design a new supply chain or asset protection plan for the organization. Together, the two of you will collaborate on this project to present your plan to the board of directors.
Part A
Using information from Weeks Two and Three, complete the Shrinkage and Loss Template and the Situational Crime Template to outline the options for addressing shrinkage and loss and situational crime. You will use this information in Part B.
Part B
Using the knowledge you gained in Weeks One through Four about the organization you chose, create a media-rich, 13- to 17-slide presentation outlining your design of a new supply chain or asset protection plan. Your presentation should:

Include a title slide
Provide an overview of the organization (Weeks One and Three)
Outline how to address the shrinkage and loss (Part A)
Identify how to address potential situational crime (Part A)
Recommend technology to best secure and monitor the supply chain (Week Four)
Identify how to address shrinkage after supply chain operations begin (Week Four)

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Supply Chain and Asset Protection Plan
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Note: Media-rich presentations in PowerPoint® should include multimedia elements, such as voiceover narration, graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


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