Posted: June 24th, 2021

Supervisor Interview Report / Business Class

  To complete this assignment, conduct an interview with a senior  supervisor. Prepare a 3-5 page double-spaced report and analysis of the  interview. 

Introduction  of the leader you interviewed including  title, organization, qualifications, etc. (please avoid a selecting a  relative for this assignment)
Interview  questions — a minimum of 5 using topics from our text, e.g. leadership  style, motivation, conflict resolution, vision, ethics, communication.
Interview answers — these can be summarized and do not need to be written verbatim.
Description  and analysis of interviewee’s leadership style, traits and  skills. Reference to at least one theory of leadership from our text.
Statement of what you learned to enhance your development as a leader.

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Supervisor Interview Report / Business Class
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Below is a list of interview questions used by students in previous classes. These are examples only. You are not required to use them.

Please describe your leadership style. What is your strongest trait?
What do you think is the most challenging thing about transferring to a leadership role?
What do you think is the key to effectively managing others?
How do you share your vision and enlist others in a common vision?
As a leader, how do you motivate employees?
How do advances in technology affect your goals?
What do you feel is the most important thing to remember when handling conflict with employees?
Throughout your career, what do you think has changed most about leadership?
What is one of the things you do to open up communications with your employees?
What advice do you have for a new supervisor?

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