Prominent Products Limited (PPL), a medium size manufacturing and retail company, has engaged you as a legal consultant toprovide advice on the following legal problems that have arisen in the company. Your advice is to be in the form of a report.
Robin is a delivery driver for PPL, which owned and maintained the delivery truck. Under the terms of his contract, Robin receives a weekly wage of £500, but pays his own tax and National Insurance contributions. One day while delivering parcels for the company, Robin had an accident in which he hit and damaged Mary’s, car. He had partied throughout the previous night and had fallen asleep while driving. Mary is seriously injured and her car severely damaged. Mary now wishes to claim damages from Robin and PML in negligence in respect of her injuries and damaged car.
Write a legal report to PPL advising it on its potential liabilities in the above situation.
Your report:
· Shouldbe written in the form of a memorandum or formal letter to Simon
· must be word-processed 
· should not exceed 1500 words (excluding addresses, greetings, title, and footnotes)
· The report should include:
· Your address (this could be imaginary or university’s address)
· The correspondent’s (Simon’s) address
· A formal greeting
· A formal title for the report
· An Introduction
· A conclusion
Your report must be based on the law, not merely on common sense or your own opinions. It should indicate:
· The reason for writing it
· The capacity in which you are writing
· The kind of things that would be included in the report:
o Statement of the relevant legal rules and principles
o Relevant decided cases and their full citation
o Application of the law to the facts
o Some analysis and evaluation of the law
o Advice to Simon as appropriate
· You may use the First Person, Second Person or Third Person pronouns as you see fit.
· However, you should be formal.

Assessment Criteria:
The following factors will be considered in assessing your work:
· Understanding/analysis of the task
· Knowledge and understanding of the law
· Discussion and evaluation of the issues
· Application of the law to the present case
· Use and application of decided cases
· Presentation, including grammar and referencing
· Structure
Word Limit
· Writing a good essay involves knowing what to include and what to leave out. Stay within the word limit, although a 10% excess words over the limit may be allowed. Any words beyond this may not be marked. 
· Include a declaration of your word counSubmission
You should submit your report:
· Manually (via the blue bins), and 
· Electronically via Moodle / Turnitin
The submission deadline for your report is 27 Feb 2019
· This coursework accounts for 30% of the overall marks for the module 
· You will receive your marks and feedback with 4 weeks of submission of the assignment

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YOUR ADDRESS AND DATE (This may be on a letter headed paper)
· Capacity in which you write
· Purpose of your writing
· The general issues to be addressed
· Define/explain/discuss/analyse/the relevant legal issues
· Cite/use relevant authorities, such as decided cases and statutory provisions (put case citations within the text). You do not need to narrate the facts or the judgment unless they are essential to make a particular point.
· Analyse the issues. Provide some evaluation where possible/necessary
· Apply the law to the facts
· Advise the parties
· Make a general and brief conclusion to bring the report to a close.


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