Student Version of Decleration of Independence

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for students to break off with their parents and teachers and to become independent; they must explain why they deserve to be independent to the rest of the world. This requires us, as students to write our own Declaration of Independence for the rest of the world to see and comprehend why we should be and will be independent to show our oppression against our teachers. To begin with, it is obvious that all students are created equal and are given by their creator the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of whatever makes them happy.
To get these rights, teachers should allow students do as they wish. However, when teachers begin a long train of mistreatment and machination against students with their communistic ways and Pearl Harbor sneak attacks with discipline it shows they only want to control every aspect of our lives. Do we not deserve respect? It is the duty and right of us sapient students to get rid of the control our fastidious teachers have over the students and our school.
Furthermore, students have been very patient with the teachers and faculty of South Gwinnett High School, but with such a long history of mistreatment, headache and constant nagging from the staff it is only right that the rest of the world finds out what has been happening. It has rained so long, it seems as though it has rained for 40 days and nights. They give us repeated pointless referrals; they give us way too much work with no time to finish. Staff are constantly questioning students in the hallways and telling us what to wear.

They tell us when we can or cannot use the restroom; they tell us that we only have six minutes to get to each class, which is not enough time. Our lockers are too small and our lunches are inedible. They refuse to let us go off campus for lunch, and they refuse to let us self-checkout anymore. They punish us if we do not make it to class on time by going to the tardy room, and they punish us for gratuitous reasons that were unfair and not our fault. Even after all of this mistreatment, the students including myself have expressed how we felt to our teachers.
However, our complaints have fallen flat. And as usual we have been shunned and ignored. We have even brought our situation to the ears of administrators, teachers from different schools and parents, but we have been muted. A petition to ease the dictatorship of our teachers was refused by many. Some even attempted to post posters illustrating how the students felt. Students even tried going on strike, refusing to go to classes. Meetings to try and sit down with the faculty of South Gwinnett to discuss the matter were ignored as well.
The betrayal was stern. Do we not deserve respect? Though, now we must announce that we are accommodating in this debauchery and separating ourselves from the school as a whole to become more independent and liberated. We, therefore the students and representative of South Gwinnett High School in Snellville Georgia present these facts to the rest of the country and the world for freedom. And with this, the students of South Gwinnett write and declare that we are now independent from South Gwinnett High School.

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Student Version of Decleration of Independence
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