Posted: June 19th, 2021

Strategic health care: discussion board

A CEO of a horizontally integrated health care organization, in a presentation to previous EMHA students, suggested that the persons receiving services at their facilities are ‘actual patients’ for about 5% of the time they are at the facility and for the rest of the time they are general consumers.  Because patient satisfaction is one of their strategic goals, the CEO explained that addressing this goal begins before individuals even get to the parking lot. For example: Are phone calls answered in timely fashion; 1-what is the tone of the respondent on the call; 2-how timely are appointments; 3-is there ease of parking; 4-what are the attitudes of the valets, receptionists’ body language; 5-do care providers make eye contact; 6-does the care team appear kempt and competent; 7-is the clinical visit (the 5%) rushed; 8-how are difficult financial issues handled; etc.  9-How can a healthcare organization address all these, as well as the other unlisted issues, without getting bogged down in minutia? 10-What are your thoughts?

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Strategic health care: discussion board
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