Posted: June 20th, 2021


Submit a spreadsheet to answer the 3 questions:
5. If the price of a car is $31,000, the interest rate is 4.9%, and the payment period is 5 years, how much is the monthly payment?
If the interest rate goes down to 3.5%, how much is the new monthly payment?
6. A new Web-based order entry system for the ABC Company has the following estimated cash flows for the next 7 years. How much is the NPV of this project at 6% interest rate?
Will the NPV go up or down if the interest rate goes up to 8%? −5000, −3000, −2000, 2900, 4400, 5900, 4800 

7. The ABC Company pays a commission to its employees based on the following conditions: Under $10,000 total sales ($0–$9999): No commission $10,000 to $20,000 total sales ($10000–$20000): $1000 Over $20,000 total sales ($20,001+): $1000+12% of sales over $20,000 Using the Nested IF function, calculate the total commission for the following 10 employees:
Employee Name    Total Sales    Total Commission 
Bob                          $12,000
Alan                         $22,000 
Moury                      $17,000 
Mary                        $32,000 
Ron                           $8,000 
Dave                        $14,000
Brian                        $25,000 
Jean                         $29,000 
Lori                            $9,800 
Jasmine                   $31,800

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