Posted: June 4th, 2021

Spanish American War: War over Rough Riders Reign

War over Rough Riders Reign With president William McKinney taking charge in order to protect his Americans living in Cuba from the Spanish, he sent over the U. S. S Maine. But on the way over, the barbarous uncivilized Spaniards blew up the ship before it could arrive at its chosen destination. “Remember the Maine! ” was cheered by Americans all over the country. George Dewey valiantly storms his American Navy into Manila Bay. Dewey’s dominance was distinct.
Spain lost 384 men in this battle, America lost only 1. Dewey sacrificed 11,000 troops in the Philippines and joined forces with the Filipinos Rebels. This greatly intimidated the Spanish and made the United States very intrepid. The Rough Riders, which are a volunteer cavalry under the command of Leonard Wood and Teddy Roosevelt, and 17,000 American troops, invaded the port city of Santiago in June, 1898. The Rough Riders were definitely the combatants of this battle and caused the Americans to paramount.
They were so victorious that the Rough Riders led another battle; The Battle of San Juan Hill was a famous land battle that started on July 1st, 1898. Two days later, the doltish Spanish attempted to escape the American blockage of Santiago Harbor. They were unsuccessful and eventually surrendered on July 17th, 1898. American troops raided Puerto Rico in a conclusion to the last battle. This led to yet another American triumph. The United States is celebrating its victory in this brief war over Spain. As a result of winning the war, our American government has forced Spain to sign the Treaty of Paris.

The clauses of this treaty are that Cuba will become independent, Spain will give Puerto Rico and the Pacific Island of Guam to the United States, and the United States will pay 20 million dollars for the annexation of the Philippines Islands. In this short 16 week war, 5,400 Americans lost their lives defending our country against the brutal Spanish. So in the end the United States was once again victorious and protected the weaker countries from certain demise of the debased Spaniards. GO U. S. A.!!!!!!!

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Spanish American War: War over Rough Riders Reign
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