Some medical problems

The majority of people have noticed that a lot of diseases are associated with different types of lifestyle. Recently, people begin to be aware from these types of lifestyle because it can cause a lot of diseases, such as heart diseases which are very common in US. There are several causes for this problem. Such as eating fast food, smoking and deficiency of exercise.
Consuming fast food is very common in US because the majority of people are very busy and they do not want to west their time by making healthy food because It takes long time to cook it. As a result, the average of having a high rate of cholesterol is increasing which causes the heart disease. Not only does eating fast food cause heart disease, but it also causes obesity Many of people in US smoke which is a very bad habit and causes heart disease.
Not only does smoke cause heart disease, but it also is very harmful for people who are close by smokers. The us government works very hard to reduce the number of smokers because there are a lot of effects that smoking make, like polluting the air, increasing the rate of deaths and wasting a lot of money for treatments of heart disease. Deficiency of exercise is a factor in heart disease because a body needs to move recently to keep it active, so everyone should do exercises regularly.

In fact, doing exercises In the morning Is the best time because at that time the alarm Is very fresh. Many of organizations in US try to encourage people to do exercise and keep themselves more movable. I have noticed that there are a lot of facilities that is built by the US government to make people walk and do exercises like sides walk and parks. However, in different countries do not have these facilities. Finally, US government works very hard to avoid increasing the rate of heart disease.

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Some medical problems
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