Sociology Syllabus

Each chapter has a module quiz associated with it (aside from chapter 9 which is included with Modules 8 and 10; Module 10 also includes chapters 11 and 12). You must take the quizzes in each section prior to taking the exam. In the end, this will benefit you. Please look closely at the attached schedules and due dates. You will be responsible for keeping these commitments. You may complete the course as quickly as you like, as long as you abide by the due dates. Exams and Assignments Exams: There will be a total of three exams: two exams will be worth 100 points each and the final exam will be worth 120 points.
Exams will cover material from the assigned online modules, quizzes, lectures, class discussions and experiential learning exercises. The exams will be administered totally online and will consist of multiple choice questions. The dates and material covered by each exam is set forth in the course outline located at the end of this document. To encourage students to master the material before testing, all exams will be timed. Students will be given 50 minutes to complete each exam. Please note that you will only be permitted to “move forward” during an exam.
You may not skip a question and return to it later, or answer it and later try to change your answer after you have saved your response. Please be advised that the order of the exam questions will vary for each student. Quizzes: You must complete the assigned online modules in order to successfully omplete the class. At the end ot each module, you must successtully complete a 1 question multiple choice quiz by answering at least 7 questions correctly. You may repeat each quiz as many times as you wish to achieve the desired score; however, you will be required to wait at least one hour before repeating the quiz. All quizzes will be timed.

You will be allowed 10 minutes to complete each quiz. Students who fail to correctly answer a minimum of 7 questions or who do not complete the quizzes during the assigned time period will receive a zero. Please note that no make-up quizzes will be given. Reflection Paper: Identifying how and why we behave and why we have certain attitudes and beliefs can be a daunting task. During the semester, students will be asked to reflect on their beliefs related toa topic. The reflection paper will be worth 25 points. Please note that students will be penalized one letter grade for poorly written work (please proofread).
Specific instructions for each paper will be posted on Blackboard. Survey Completion: Twice during the semester, students will have the opportunity to express their beliefs and opinions about a specific topic by completing a brief, online urvey. These surveys will give students the opportunity to compare their views with those of their classmates in a non-threatening and anonymous way. While student responses will not be “graded,” students will be required to complete the surveys within the time provided. Please note that no make-up surveys will be given. Each survey is worth 10 points.
Attendance As an online class students are responsible for completing all quizzes, exams, and assignments in a timely fashion. Assignments must be completed by the noted date. Students who are unable to complete an assignment in a given time period is ncouraged to contact the professor as soon as possible. The professor is likely to be more accommodating prior to a missed assignment versus afterwards. Grade Calculation Final grades will be determined through the use ofa point system. The maximum value of each exam and assignment along with the range of points associated with each letter grade are listed in the tables below.

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Sociology Syllabus
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