Posted: June 14th, 2021

Social Work 2361–Module 3 Discussion board

No plagiarism please.. need to be in APA- citation style the body read instructions below please..this due September 18, 2017 before 11:59 pm central time ( maybe half a page or page )
Module 3: SociaPerspectives        
This  module’s readings explain competing social welfare perspectives that  include liberalism, conservatism, radicalism, and reactionary. Popple  and Leighlinger (2011) explains “the fundamental differences among  liberals, conservatives, radicals, and reactionaries is their attitude  toward change” (p. 6). They aregue that our “views of human nature  undergrid and color our attitudes toward nearly everything else” (Popple  & Leighlinger, 2011, p. 7).  

For your original post, pick one social welfare perspective that  best defines your personal perspective. Please include at least 3-5  related principles described in the readings and activities that defend  your perspective.  You must integrate aspects from all of your readings  in your post for full credit. Utilizing your chosen perspective, name at  least one social welfare issue and one social work value that can be  further explained through this perspective.   Remember to cite your  sources!    

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Social Work 2361–Module 3 Discussion board
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Module 3: Social Welfare Perspecttoward nearly everything else” (Popple  & Leighlinger,

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