Posted: June 24th, 2021

social science

For each entry please prepare a typed, one page minimum, response (double-spaced 12pt font) that both describes and interprets a conversation that you characterize as “challenging.”  The conversation can be one you experienced or witnessed either in person or from TV or other media.  You may find you need more than one page to do this, please do not exceed 2 pages.  Your response should include the following:

1.  Description of what happened.  Who was talking, what was the conversation about, where and when did it happen?

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social science
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2.  How was it challenging?  Why do you think it was challenging for all parties involved?  For example:  What behaviors did you observe that stood in the way of a constructive dialogue?  Why do you think people behaved the way they did?

3.  Integrate at least one reading into your discussion of the above prompts.  You must cite the reading and demonstrate an understanding of both the material and how it can add insight to what you witnessed or experienced.  This should be the bulk of your entry.

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