Social Media Is Good or Bad?

Children can gain social confidence from interacting with other people online, which may help them feel more secure in new situations. Some Children can help people in the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Some knowledge that they do not know, they can ask them. While some of the knowledge he/she does not know, he/she can ask his social networking’s friends. Friends should help each other, so that they can build a strong bond in our friendship. What Happened to quality relationships?
While social networking sites can aid to online relationships, real life relationships can become weak or even non existent. While your cooped up in your room on your laptop, you are spending less time with real life and legitimate relationships and spending more time on a false friendship with some one online. What ever happened to a good old phone call or meet up? Is this really where my generation is headed? We are in trouble. the brain cannot complete the learning process It is not yet known as to the affects that a combination of hard copy books and reading off the internet will have on young people.
But there is evidence for older people that suggests they are finding it more difficult to stay focused and even actually read something more than 3 pages and this evidence is from a previous columnist for the guardian and executive editor of the harvard business review author Nicholas Carr. Furthermore, the information we read on the internet minimizes the amount of thinking our brains have to do this is not a good sign if anything, the analyzing process of the text is more important, this process is there to help us remember information as opposed to just finding the answer.

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Social Media Is Good or Bad?
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