Posted: July 5th, 2021

Social Innovation and its role in developing countries.

What is social innovation/entrepreneur? and How can social innovation help the poorest communities?
3000 words, Apa style 
Guide lines: 

1. social innovation/entrepreneur and its role in developing countries “Africa as case study” 
2. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how central social innovation is to solve them
3. The failure of international organizations in finding solutions to Africa’s socio-economic challenges (for example, the aid approach hasn’t worked as Dambisa Moyo wrote in her book “Dead Aid). Perhaps explore the book “The White Man’s Burden” portrayal of aid as a bad approach to development
4. China’s current role in Africa, but criticize their disregard for the environment and social issues and how it’s important for Africans themselves to rise to the challenge
5. Difference between business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur/innovation
6. The challenges faced by investor 
7. How those challenges could be solved from a finance and investment standpoint to promote social innovation including the role of education 

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