Snatch Theft Essay

The Causes of Snatch
Theft Cases in Malaysia
Most of the people who involve in snatch theft cases are adolescents. They are probably poorly educated from their parents or even have a broken family. Parents play the most important role in character building and personality development of their children. In the age of information technology and globalization, they are always busy working until they forgot their true responsibility of educating and teaching children to be a perfect- educated human being. This is the main cause of moral decadence among teenagers.

Children who are lack of love and attention from their parents will want to get their parents’ attention by involving themselves in snatch theft cases. They may also influence by the partner who was involved in the snatch theft cases because they choose the wrong friend. They will join their friends and also involved in snatch theft cases. This crisis was caused due to the lack of moral and religious education, especially for our younger generation. Moral and religious practices are increasingly forgotten by modern society’s growing.
If people have enough moral and religious knowledge, they will not be involving themselves in snatch theft cases. Deficiency causes a decrease in the religious aspect of a person’s immunity to not commit crimes. So, thefts increase as our society has forgotten their religion. People who are involve in gambling and taking drug may also involve in snatch theft cases because they need to snatch other people’s bag and jewelry to get money for gambling and buying drugs. They will do what they can to get the money because they already addictive to the activities.
Therefore they will take the risk and involve themselves in snatch theft cases. Moreover, the cause of the snatch theft cases is that victims of crime often walking alone in a quiet place. This will cause snatchers have the space and opportunity to snatch them. Typically, snatch cases did not plan in detail during a theft crime. Instead, the victim, the environmental and snatchers behavior itself that causes the snatch theft cases to happen. Factors such as a quiet environment and plenty of space to escape, have given the snatching opportunities to the snatchers to act quickly to snatch victim’s handbags or jewelry.
This causes people not be able to hear the screams for help from the victim because the victim is in a quiet area alone. Actually snatch thefts became so rampant due to the attitude of society itself that does not concern about their safety aspects. Still many individuals in our society who loves to bring a lot of money in their wallet or handbag and are being targeted. Similarly, our attitude which fails to take safety precautions when returning from office alone, walking in a dark alley or credulous foreigners will make us be the targets of the snatchers easily.
So, aspects of personal safety that are not being led snatching are increasingly becoming a common practice in this country. In fact, snatch thefts were also exacerbated by the global economic situation is in a recession so severe. Many factories and companies in the country had to reduce its employees because of lack of demand for their products drastically. Inability of the retrenched workers to find another job in the near future has led them to the brink of crime especially when thinking about their wife and children who need the money to survive. Therefore, snatch thefts cases rises as many workers do not have jobs.
Last, the cause of the increasing snatch theft cases is the failure of the authorities to take effective preventive actions. Lack of closed-circuit cameras in high-risk areas (hotspot) causing the problem continues to worsen. If the government is putting more cameras, the snatchers will certainly think twice before they action. Thus, the lack of closed-circuit cameras have caused the problem persists, especially in the quiet environment and at night time. http://gerbangsejaraham. blogspot. com/2011/11/mengapa-jenayah-ragut-kian-meningkat. html http://5bestari-sivik. blogspot. com/2010/06/faktor-faktor-yang-menyebabkan-kes. html

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