Posted: June 15th, 2021

small assignment about American Policy

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The question:  Based on what you’ve learned in the class, if you could target one specific spending or tax policy that if changed would help reduce the debt, what would it be and why?  (Need a single paragraph just like a following example.)

Example 1: 

 In order to lower the debt I would draw from a broader tax base to fund entitlement programs that make up a significant portion of the cost. Currently for example, capital income is exempt from the payment of taxes to fund Social Security. In addition to this we have a cap on the amount of income that Social Security will tax. Removing these limitations would lower budget deficits and therefor total debt over time. Reversing the most recent giveaway tax break, in addition to targeting government spending on investment (healthcare, transportation, etc) rather than consumption would also make significant changes to lower the debt burden.  

Example 2: 

 The government should reform Social Security by making a monthly paycheck at little above the Inflation rate for everyone. Simply, everyone should get the same amount instead of using AIME. Current Social Security is paying a higher amount for higher income members and the fewer amount for fewer income members. Making check flat at little above the inflation would reduce the government debt. We are making Social Security fair and reforming this expenditure into “secondary retirement.” Most people rely too much on social security as their mandatory retirement. By changing it, higher income members are likely to invest in their pension or 401k to meet their budget (leftover mortgage, etc). Lower income members specifically below the poverty level should be happy about what they are getting since they are getting pay little above the inflation. Not only it saves debt, but it also saves poverty among retiree and elderly. That way the government could also save retiree or elderly from getting double benefits (people who are getting food stamps and SSI due to low Social Security).  

Example 3:  

Considering the fact, the largest expenditure is Social Security, a practical assumption is the debt can be eliminated by reforming Social Security. The conceptual premise is simply using our largest expenditure to tackle our largest debt. The debt and Social Security are not a cause and effect, the debt does not exist because of the consensus to reform Social Security. The concept of Social Security eliminating the debt is a foreseeable calculation. Social Security’s infrastructure has the capacity to be organized to facilitate a resolution of the debt. The actuality of Social Security eliminating the debt is contingent on reforming Social Security’s framework, utilizing its capacity and reforming the framework conducive to the catalyst for eliminating the debt.    

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