Posted: June 9th, 2021

Slavery Comes to North America, 1619

introduction and outline.
Part 1: Slavery Comes to North America, 1619
Submit a brief summary of your topic for approval that adheres to the following format:

Paragraph 1: State your topic (Slavery Comes to North America, 1619) explain why you’ve selected this topic.

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Slavery Comes to North America, 1619
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Paragraphs 2–3: Write two paragraphs describing the historic period during which your topic arises.

Paragraph 4: Explain why your topic is of interest to the larger study of history. 

Part 2: Write an introduction and then an outline for your final project.
Include a list of references that lists at least five research sources (including the course textbook). Your introduction for your final paper should explain why your topic is important in early US history. Your introduction should go from the general to the specific. Then have a Thesis Statement or your argument which is your theme. Following your introduction and drawing from research, develop an outline for your paper. The outline should include topic sentences (headings) for body sections and subheading topics that include potential article examples to be used. Finally, provide a list of at least 5 specific research sources that you will use in your final paper. You must follow APA guidelines. Remember to use supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures. 

All facts and quotes (no more than 5% of the total paper) must have a citation. Each citation must have a reference.

example outline is attached

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