Short answer 6!

A variety of individual causes of juvenile delinquency have been presented in the lesson and readings this week. Some of these causes focus upon personal characteristics of the juvenile, while others attribute delinquency to societal causes.
In your initial response, begin by discussing whether you believe personal or societal causes have the biggest influence on juvenile delinquency. Next, identify one specific personal characteristic or societal cause that you believe most accurately explains decisions to participate in juvenile delinquency. Briefly defend the personal characteristic or societal cause you selected by explaining why it is more accurate than other theories presented this week.
In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the personal characteristic or societal cause selected by the classmate as most accurately explaining juvenile delinquency. If you agree, elaborate on the points made by the classmate and provide additional supporting justification for the selected theory. If you disagree with the theory selected by the classmate, respectfully point out deficiencies you see with the theory.
Initial posts must be a minimum of 350 words not counting the repeating of the question or reference list, and incorporate material from at least two (2) cited sources

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Short answer 6!
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