Posted: June 23rd, 2021

Scorch Trials: Unreality

The book had unreality to It because It Is set In what I believe to be a futuristic post-apocalyptic time. It talks about how society got hit by solar flares and are Infected by this disease by the scorch which makes you Into a crazed lunatic who has lost all sense of humanity and wishes to be dead so that pain would stop yet some driving forces makes it attack and kill any living it can possible get a hold of. Also there is a group called the Gladder which is a group of guys and one girl named
Theresa Agnes who can telepathically communicate to one of the boys named Thomas. They also have to fight these one creatures that have these bulb things all over their bodies and have blades for hands which is completely unreal and they Just gruesomely attack the Gladder Just slaughtering some of them. Finally one thing that is totally unrealistic is when they are traveling through this tunnel they come upon these metal spheres. That are extremely hot and they will drop on your head encasing Itself around your head melting away your entire head in Just minutes, but
If you somehow manage to get the meal sphere off your head your head Is badly burned to where It Is barely recognizable. “Real-World” This book has many real-world ideas integrated into it. For instance this whole “trial” is overseen by this group called “WICKED”. It is basically the post-apocalyptic government which consists of all the remaining governments unite into a single totalitarianism one could say where they control absolutely every aspect of the remaining society and especially over the Gladder.

This government is much more technologically advanced than ours by far. The city in the book makes me think back to barbaric times and how each “city” has a Ajar or “ruler”. Because the city well the section of the city Is controlled by a Hipic name Jorge. He is at the top of the hierarchy he Is the king, the strongest among that section of “half-crazies” (not fully taken by the scorch still half human). Jorge commands the half cranes keeping them safe and Glenn the Jobs to do Just basically keeping them organized In a chills manor.
WICKED has an army of soldiers that help out the Gladder (well Thomas) from time to time interfering just to the trial afloat by giving Thomas aid when he almost dies and he bring him to Wicker’s doctors to fix up Thomas then they placed him back into the city and left again. The second time they help the Gladder is when they fight the bulb creatures near the end when they finish that part of the trial they take them away from the creatures before the creatures could kill off the rest of the Gladder.
The final and most important is that in harsh and trouble times people will unite to survive against the terrible odds. People have an Ingrained desire to survive Its instinct really It may be deeply buried In us but somewhere It lays in us all. In the book these boys don’t know each other but they unite to survive. They create their own family a band of brothers who rely on one another to survive. “Genre Fiction” I can honestly say this genre is my favorite for multiple reasons. One it is so with all the relatable topics

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