Posted: June 28th, 2021

Sample Business Plan for Cafeteria

CHARMAINE (The Battle of Good and Bad Toys) Charmaine is a 10-year old girl grew up with the care of her grandparents. She spends most of her time in her room playing with her toys since her lola doesn’t allow her to go outside and play with other children. It became a norm to her not to speak and just to burst all her emotions alone…with the toys. ***Opening paragraph introduces the main character (very briefly,) and the situation or point of change that starts the story. Her wish was granted one Christmas eve; that all her toys could have their lives.
While asleep, her toys came to life but is divided – the good toys and the bad toys. The bad toys get Charmaine’s body for they believe that in their world, Charmaine would be happier. The good toys stand with the reason that no matter how the child is taken for granted, she still belongs in the real world. ***Here is the conflict—the battle of the good and bad toys began because of different beliefs. As the battle continues to rise, as the bad toys tried their best in convincing that they can give the unconditional love and attention that Charmaine is always wanted.
The little child was confused for at some point she realizes that in her life, all that she has is herself, and her toys that never left her, that never got tired of being with her, that accepts her and always ready to listen. But the good toys never stop making them realize the truth, that only her family can love Charmaine and give her the feeling of contentment. Because of her good heart despite the pain she has been through, Charmaine chose to think of all the things she has and appreciate the effort of her grandparents for raising her up.

She stood by the good toys with the thought that somehow, the bad toys will understand her and hope that her grandparents will realize that every child needs undivided attention, unconditional love, company and freedom to let them live every minute of their lives in its fullest. ***This paragraph serves several functions: we learn Good toy’s selflessness for no matter how they want to be with Charmaine in their world, they still chose to bring back the girl to the reality and Charmaine’s understanding and good heart for still appreciating life and love despite things she is longing for – love, attention, care and freedom.

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Sample Business Plan for Cafeteria
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