Posted: June 22nd, 2021

Sales management

Final Assignment – 36 Hour Case Analysis ($120) – The final assignment in the MAR 4403 course will consist of a challenging and comprehensive sales management case.  This case exam may also contain personal selling / account management effectiveness themes as well as more “classic” sales management themes.  You will be given the case “blindly” (i.e., you will know nothing about it) and some general instructions on the cover page.  You will have 36 hours working independently to prepare your analysis and any recommendations you wish to make based on all that you learned in the MAR 4403 course.  These analyses should be typed, with a maximum length of 10 double-spaced pages.  This blind case will be available on Saturday 12/1 at 11:59 AM and your analysis will be due back 36 hours later in Canvas (final due by midnight on Sunday 12/2). The Word or PDF document is due 36 hours after the assignment is released in Canvas.  Please see Rubric to understand how the final will be evaluated.  I have also attached a document that includes the main areas to develop.

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Sales management
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