Role of Women in the Paleolithic and Modern Period

This memorandum serves three purposes: (1) declares the chosen person for the heart transplantation; (2) outlines the decision process; (3) evaluates possible outcomes of the made decision. Among the three qualifying candidates who were in need of the transplant, the person that was chosen to go through the process of heart transplant is Lisa; a 12- year-old female who has suffered from health issues all throughout her life.
Lisa has suffered from various viral infections and a lupus-like immune deficiency which cost her entire childhood. In addition, her heart was damaged due to pneumonia which add her heart stop for a brief period of time. Even though her chances of surviving in her ass are not guaranteed, Lisa deserves a few more years added to her life to at least experience and see the beauty of the world. During the process of decision-making, two ethics-based processes were used for comparison purposes and analysis in order to thoroughly determine the recipient of the heart.
In applying a Utilitarian ends-based ethics theory, the decision to choose Lisa was based on John Stuart Mill’s concept of the Greatest Happiness Principle which seeks happiness as the only desired outcome; neglecting all the rules and reminisces (Ruggeri, 2011). Lisa should receive the new heart because she is the only person who suffered most throughout her life. Jerry, one of the candidates, had at least lived 50 years which enabled him to build his own family; while Oozy had at least lived for 30 years.

Although both candidates mentioned also deserve the heart, Lisa deserves the new heart most because she will help inspire other children her age that there is hope if you Just believe in the goodness of the world and people. Another ethics-based theory that contributed to the decision of choosing Lisa is SST. Augustine theory about the ‘power of evil and sin. ‘ In his greatest spiritual autobiography, he detailed his sufferings and struggles with his own human nature (Ruggeri, 2011).
However, he used his compelling personal experiences of sin to impact everybody through teaching the lesson of struggle and virtue through religious faith. In analyzing the situation, Lisa is somewhat like SST. Augustine in a way that they have both struggled in life. If Lisa would be given the chance to live, she would have the chance to prove something to herself that she can accomplish something in her life. No one is too young to make a difference in this world. This heart transplant may not guarantee Alias’s survival in her ass.
However, the few years that will be added to her life will Just be enough for her to experience how to live a normal life Just like any other children in her age. There is so much innocence and youth in her that seeing her life be taken away would have been too much to bear for anyone to think. Hence, by applying all the ethics-based theory mentioned in this memorandum, the decision to choose Lisa as the recipient of the heart transplant was made, and further transplant process should be deployed immediately in order to save a young girl’s life.
This decision will be immediately communicated to the higher administration of the hospital as well as to the parents of Lisa immediately in order to confirm their approval and agreement regarding the decision made. Given that there is an immediate need for Lisa to receive the new heart, as the Lead Surgeon of the BBC Medical Center, the process of the heart transplantation for Lisa should begin as soon as possible.

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Role of Women in the Paleolithic and Modern Period
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