Subject Names:

Master’s in Information Technology Management( MSITM)
1) Project Management
2) Information System Infrastructure
3) Management Information Systems
4) Information System Security 
5) Team Management 
6) Negotiation and Conflict Management
7) Current & Emerging Technologies
8) Disaster Recovery Planning
9) Cyber law, Regulations & Compliance   
10) ITM Capstone ( Major Project work)

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PMBA( Post- Master’s Business Administration)

11) Managerial Finance
12) Organizational Theory  

Job Duties:

Roles and Responsibilities:
1) Analyze, design, develop, test, implement and maintain detailed Business Intelligence solutions using Qlikview & Qliksense under windows operating systems (20%)

2) Develop technical and functional requirements and design specifications to develop custom Qlikview & Qliksense applications (10%)

3) Create Qlikview & Qliksense extract layers, Logical layers, Star Schema/Snow flake Schema data models and developing functional reports in user interface in Qlikview & Qliksense Application (20%)

4) Provide Qlikview & Qliksense configurations and maintain Qlikview & Qliksense instances and cluster monitoring (5%).

5) Deploy the designed reports into integration and implement the performance test, Response index test, Governance test, User validation of data accuracy (10%)

6) Develop and implement automation and efficiencies with Qlikview & Qliksense API’s (Application Program Interface) (5%)

7) Design and develop dashboards and monitor and track Qlikview & Qliksense performance issues; Provide strategic support of Qlikview & Qliksense integrations, deployments, and configurations (20%)

8) Prepare workflow charts and diagrams to specify detailed operations to be performed by the Qlik Applications; Plan and prepare technical reports, instructional manuals as documentation of program development (10%).


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