Response 1
 Annotations have been identified as an important aid in analysis record-keeping and recently data discovery. In this paper we discuss the use of annotations on visualization dashboards, with a special focus on business intelligence (BI) analysis. In-depth interviews with experts lead to new annotation needs for multi-chart visualization systems, on which we based the design of a dashboard prototype that supports data and context aware annotations. We focus particularly on novel annotation aspects, such as multi-target annotations, annotation transparency across charts and data dimension levels, as well as annotation properties such as lifetime and validity. Moreover, our prototype is built on a data layer shared among different data-sources and BI applications, allowing cross application annotations. We discuss challenges in supporting context aware annotations in dashboards and other visualizations, such as dealing with changing annotated data, and provide design solutions. Finally we report reactions and recommendations from a different set of expert users. A heading is a short phrase describing what the succeeding section is all about. You can think of it as the title of that particular section. Short documents usually do not require the use of headings. For theses and other complex readings, however, headings are important because they help readers identify the main points of each section in the paper.Headings are important for a couple different reasons. The first being that headings organize the information on your page so that the topics and subtopics are highlighted in a specific, standard order. This is also important for accessibility. When a screen reader reads your page, it knows what order to convey the information through the map that is laid out by your heading structure. 

Response 2
 It is a title or subtitle given to the project which helps the person to understand what would be the content to explain the further content.  Also there is no universal standard for the heading . Sub heading will be presenting between subjects. The  primary aim is to the viewers to inform the subject so that when we are selecting a heading we need to clearly consider what we are going to give idea about the topic , so selecting heading should be appropriate and it should be very accurate to the topic. The subheading will give more clarity to the viewers  for  the following sub functions also there should be a clear ideas about what we have to display and our explanation should be match the content of heading. Also our all explanation should be match the heading without any contradictions.

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