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My school for thought about higher learning was that there was no immediate or even residual benefit unless you had a full ride scholarship to earn a law degree or PHD.  My thoughts around higher learning has since changed due to life experiences.
Previously, my thoughts were shallow, and it was due to ignorance.  Growing up in my household, it was made known that everyone needed to graduate from high school and get a job immediately after or go into the arm forces.  Going to college was considered an elective but it was our responsibility and obligation to pay to attend.  Being naïve and living in a neighborhood where most people did not go to college, I thought this was normal.  After graduating from high school, I was employed by reputable companies, and my pay was reasonable for a high school graduate.
I’ve always been a hard worker.  I can get a job and had advancement opportunities but there was still something missing.  Through the years, I noticed a trend that I’ve always had to take large pay cuts when starting a new job and accept entry level positions because I did not have a bachelor’s degree. 
After going through a life changing event, I did some self-reflecting and realized that I’ve been missing something in my life and professionally I was not where I wanted to be in my career.  I knew I needed to change something, and, on that day, I had that eureka moment realizing that I needed to invest in myself by getting a college degree.
 Making the decision to go back to school has been the best decision I’ve made especially since I’m very close to graduating.  Technology has been a major part in this decision because I’ve been able to take all my classes online.   As I get closer to finishing, I ask myself if I would have done this if online classes were not available.  I honestly don’t know but now, I’m satisfied with my decision and my school of thought has changed tremendously.

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respond 13
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