Posted: June 4th, 2021

Resolving Conflict

As the team in the scenario is experiencing process conflict, there are two options for intervention that could alleviate the conflict. Team redesign is the first option, and conflict process coaching is the second. As the team is on a very strict deadline, which is rapidly approaching, conflict process coaching would be the most practical form of intervention. The conflict between the members of the team is caused primarily due to a lack of trust. Sheila and Jeremy do not trust Judy because they believe she lied to her and Judy does not trust them to do the job because of their lack of experience in the training programs.
The lack of trust combined with a deadline that none of the team members believe they can meet has created a stressful environment. Conflict process coaching, as defined by Thompson (2011), “may include trust-building exercises” (p. 193). “It’s important to establish comfortable, group-sanctioned ways to express the inevitable anger, tension, and frustration that arise in a team endeavor and to positively redirect that energy to build trust and cohesion” (Ross, 2006). Building trust to ensure the cohesiveness of the team will redirect their energy and focus to meeting the deadline.
In order for this team to be successful, they have to be cohesive and efficient. In order to accomplish this the team members must work cooperatively, trust each other and understand the common goal. The team members all have their areas of expertise that can contribute to team success, but if they do not trust each other, then the conflict will preclude the team from meeting their deadline. Through conflict process coaching, the team can quickly move past their conflict and become efficient and successful.

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Resolving Conflict
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