Posted: June 24th, 2021

Research Project

    The article name is”  Developmental Psychology Longitudinal Relations Among Household Chaos, SES, and Effortful Control in the Prediction of Language Skills in Early Childhood” Its attached bellow.  This is a proposal project so Remember, this just means that you are proposing to do your project–you aren’t doing it, or pretending to. This means that your method section should be written in the future tense.  Your results section is now called “Planned Analysis.” You need to briefly discuss what type of stats you would use to evaluate your hypothesis.  This can sometimes be done with just one test, but more often, you would want to use more than one. 
Please do the following: 
Title page:
APA   formatted title page
A   brief (1 paragraph) summary of the study, on its own page; includes a   sentence or two about each section; accurately represents study
Includes   a thorough participants/subjects sub section with relevant   demographic/descriptive information; thorough procedure subsection, detailing   how, when, and where data were collected; materials section detailing items   used in data collection, including reference to and description of scales and   questionnaires 
Planned Analyses: 
Statistical   tests appropriate for evaluating the hypothesis are given; should include the   IV/DV, along with the scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)
Reference page: 
At   least 10 appropriate, GOOD sources 
APA Format: 
Proper   APA formatting throughout
Typos and Grammar, Writing   Style/Formality: 
Free   of typos and grammatical issues; thoroughly proof read; No personal pronouns,   contractions, or informal language; well written; points will be deducted for   issues outlined herein

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Research Project
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