Posted: June 25th, 2021

research paper

The project will be on the case/settlement you chose for the Week 2 Assignment. You will expand on that case and also research the topic it centered on.
For example, if the case/settlement you chose had to do with Pregnancy Discrimination then part of your research paper should focus on Pregnancy Discrimination. 
Please submit the final paper using appropriate APA format in no less than four pages with a minimum of three quality acceptable academic references to support the content citations
The paper must include an abstract which summarizes the paper this should be no greater than 1/2 page.
Paper must be written clearly and concisely.
Quality content in the body with support for what you have written
Submit your paper AND your PowerPoint (the PowerPoint should be around 4-5 slides and your presentation should be around 5 minutes; in the presentation, you will share your research with the class.)

Three references academic in nature with citations for each

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Due no later than Thursday, 9PM April 16, 2020. Presentation of the Powerpoint can be accomplished by adding audio to the Powerpoint slides. All presentations are due by 9PM on Thursday, April 16 and will be shown to class.

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