Research paper

Students will be required to do a research paper using the APA style of writing. Topics of the research paper are to be in the area of compensation and benefits and the body of the paper must be at least 10 pages (excluding cover page, abstract and the reference page). Students may visit the Limestone College Online Writing Center for assistance with the APA style of writing and any other writing needs.  
Papers are due by the end of the 7thweek of the course.  Late submissions will incur a late penalty. Research papers are to be submitted to the SafeAssignment.  
Students may find a copy of an APA paper example in the “Supplemental Material” folder on Blackboard.  Please be cognizant of the fact that the paper example includes a border and footnotes which are not part of the APA format.  The information within the borders and the colored information around the border provides information on APA.  Also, papers are to use the “Times New Roman” or “Arial” font with a size of no more than 12.  Papers must have a margin of 1-inch all around.  It is recommended that you visit the Limestone College Writing Center for APA help

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Research paper
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