Posted: June 18th, 2021

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I recommend that the new business priority should be cybersecurity. If some information was leaked to outsiders, he would take advantage of this opportunity to exploit our weaknesses and suffer a great loss.
      The risk of insider threats in comparison with external threats is an ongoing debate, although more companies notice the risks that insiders can present to the data security of the company today than in the past. Historically, outsiders usually perform data breaches that make the news. While these violations can cost hundreds of thousands( often millions more) of dollars, Outsider threats are usually threats that traditional security measures have addressed. It is the threats from within that are much harder to prevent and detect using one- size- all security measures.
Usually this can be prevented. Although no single strategy fits all, the practice of basic cyber hygiene would address or mitigate a large majority of safety violations. It is also essential to be prepared when an intrusion occurs and to have a method of communication to respond, to actively monitor centralized host and networks and to include enhanced monitoring to detect known security events.
Employee complacency is the most important obstacle that a company can overcome. In most corporate environments, more than 80 percent of employees are unable to articulate a real understanding of IT security issues and are most likely to introduce a virus by downloading NSFW, accept malware by phishing, Introduce a corrupted mobile device( BYOD) into the corporate network or engage in some sort of inadvertent human error that could threaten data security( not update security settings, use simple passwords, secure public wifi work, etc.).
Outside actors take full advantage of the vulnerabilities of these insiders. This is precisely what happened with the breach of target data. In this example, the hackers stored an authorized vendor’s username and password. This gave them unlimited access to the target network without alarm or alarm. Hackers no longer break through back doors that can give rise to alarms. They steal the keys of authorized users and walk directly through the front door today.
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Reply(Comment) to the below discussion in 125 words
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