Posted: June 23rd, 2021

Religion and Politics

Based on the Learning Resources, discuss at least one way in which political beliefs/behaviors and religion are related.  Please refer to at least two of the Learning Resources in your post (using appropriate citations and reference list at the end). This question can be answered in many ways (i.e., there is no one “right” answer); please just be sure to base your response on what you read and watched ONLY!.

Be sure to cite the resources that you use in this post and list your references at the end, using APA style.

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Religion and Politics
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Learning Resources :

Pew Research Center. (2019, Nov. 15). Americans have positive views about religion’s role in society, but want it out of politics. Retrieved from

WATCH two short videos:

Rutgers University. (2009). Dr. Andrew Murphy: Religion in American politics. Retrieved from
Brookings Institution. (2013, July 20). In trying to win converts, both Republicans and Democrats face risks. Retrieved from

Pew Research Center. (2019, Jan. 3). Faith on the hill: The religious composition of the 116th Congress. Retrieved from

Newport, F. (2014, July 2). Religion remains a strong marker of identity in the U.S. Gallup Poll. Retrieved from

Scuipac, E. P., & G. A. Smith. (2018, Nov. 7). How religious groups voted in the midterm elections. Retrieved from

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