Posted: June 17th, 2021

Reflection paper about the founding of American colleges

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Based on the reading & video, what was the purpose of higher education in colonial America? 
Based on the reading & video, who was higher education meant for in colonial America? If you’d lived in colonial days, would you have been among the earliest college students? Why or why not? 
Are the values and characteristics of the colonial colleges still in place today? Explain your point of view with examples. 

In MHE 7100, each reflection paper will include both a clearly demonstrated understanding of the reading material as well as a clear demonstration of connection between the student’s personal experiences and the readings. 
Evaluation   Criteria

Requirements   for Earning Full Credit

Maximum Point   Value of Criterion per week
Engagement with the reading

Shows clearly that   the student read and understood the source text(s) that inform the paper.
Summarizes key   points or issues in the source text and then critically analyzes or   synthesizes those ideas with the student’s own ideas and experiences. 

Use of source material

Source materials are   introduced, contextualized, and made relevant to the purpose of the paper.
Based on references   to the sources, it is always clear when information, opinions, or facts come   from a source as opposed to coming from the student.


Develops specific   ideas in depth with strong and appropriate supporting examples, data, and   experiences. 


Minimum length of   300 words has been met. 
Few, if any, errors   of punctuation, spelling, capitalization (mechanics).
Few if any   grammatical errors (agreement, tense, case, number, pronoun use).

Required materials ^^

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