reflection paper

reading an article write a reflection paper. This is the link for the article
This is the requirement: You should discuss the texts — the assigned reading and whatever film(s)/clip(s) you write about — from the recently completed unit in relation to each other. You should demonstrate that you have seriously engaged with the material and that you understand the material. Try to reflect upon the ideas from the texts and to analyze or critique the texts. Emphasize or argue what can be learned from thinking about the texts together (e.g. shortcomings in the arguments presented in each, unexamined assumptions in some or all, new ideas that emerge when the ideas from each are juxtaposed or made to complement each other, the broader and recurring themes the texts taken together highlight/address). 
Your RP should be one to three pages, double-spaced, with 12 point, Times New Roman font. You don’t need to include a cover page or a references page, nor do you need to use a formal academic style (just be sure it’s clear what text you’re referring to in the paper) – although you can use APA, MLA

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reflection paper
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