reflection on nursing informatics competencies

During week one, you completed the self-assessment for the TIGER competencies.  Please go back and review how you rated yourself in each of the areas. Throughout the past few weeks, we have gained new knowledge and new perspectives from our readings and through our discussions.  Since we are halfway through this course, go back and re-evaluate yourself using those same questions. Compare your current level of competency to discussions of NI competencies in the published, scholarly literature. How do you compare?

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reflection on nursing informatics competencies
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As you write your posts, please remember to include evidence based research, scholarly evidence, or a citation from your textbook.  

Our discussion in this thread contributes to this course outcome

·         Explore various nurse roles, competencies, and skills in informatics. (POs 2, 11)

Key Concepts

  • The work of nurses/roles
  • Knowledge work
  • Informatics competencies for the master’s-prepared nurse
  • Role expectations
  • Strategies to develop/improve informatics competencies



Reflect on your self-assessment completed in Week 1. How do your current competencies compare to discussions of NI competencies in the published, scholarly literature?


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