Reearch assignment ( Somalia and al-Shabaab)

 goal of the assignment is to give your classmates the essential information that they need to sound informed when discussing your particular expres- sion of Islamism with their colleagues and friends. Be sure to use images/video clips or digital handouts in your presentations to engage your classmates, and aim to share research and speaking responsibilities equally. In preparing your presentation, you may wish to consider the following questions (which you can apply as you see fit as you craft a narrative for the class):
Who are the primary actors at play, and where do they draw their support from? What are the stated objectives of your actors? What motivates them, or what has caused them to react? What are their ideological assumptions, and how do these intersect with globalization (or any other ideol- ogy that applies)? How do socio-economic factors figure into the situation? What are the humanitar- ian implications of the situation, or why should we care about the situation? How does the group identity of your primary actor(s) intersect with other ethno-linguistic or religious identity groups in the region? What is “modern” about your particular group?), each group will also submit a written report on their re- search project, which should be a minimum of six pages, and must reference and cite a minimum of four scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed secondary sources (in addition to the other websites, news- paper articles, blogs, and other non-scholarly sources that you consulted in preparing both your in- class presentation and your written report). The final report must NOT include plagiarized text (re- ports will be checked through Blackboard’s SafeAssign) and should include full Chicago citations of source materials including a bibliography. 

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Reearch assignment ( Somalia and al-Shabaab)
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