Posted: June 19th, 2021

read article and answer questions(each question 100-150 words)

Please read the attached presentation. You will also want to read:

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read article and answer questions(each question 100-150 words)
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Q1. Preparing to Travel
What do you do to prepare to travel? Do you prepare the same whether you are traveling in the US or internationally? What lessons have you learned over the years while traveling that you want to share with others so they don’t make the same mistakes?
Q2. Rules of Conduct
If you were traveling in a foreign country, what would be some of the rules of conduct you would follow? Give some examples. Do you research a destination before you arrive to know what to or not to do? What are some useful websites to help enhance your travel experience?
Q3. Long Term Results
Discussion Question – Long Term Results
What might be the long-term results of mass tourism in developing nations? Are they all positive? What can a developing nation do to reduce the potential negative impacts?
Q4. Culture
Discussion Question – Culture
Give examples of the cultural differences among the peoples of the world. What kinds of cultural resources should be developed for tourism? Cite some examples of anthropography in various parts of the world. What is meant by “ethnic composition of the population?”
Q5. Understanding the Customer
Discussion Question – Understanding the Customer
Explain why understanding our customers or consumers is so important to success in tourism. What can we learn from their spending behaviors? They purchasing history? What would you want a business to know about you before you become a customer of theirs?
List some of the advantages of having satisfied, enthusiastic travelers and guests. How would you rate word-of-mouth advertising?
Describe how understanding consumer needs and wants are related to tourists’ psychology of behavior.
Q6. Transportation
Discussion Question – Transportation
Describe the effects of industrialization, urbanization, and improved transportation on travel opportunities for the middle classes. Are these forces effective today?

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