Posted: June 15th, 2021

read article and answer questions(each question 100-150 words)

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1. Discussion Question – Air Travel
What are the main reasons air travel dominates the long and medium trip passenger market? Some tourism experts feel that if air travel could be made easier to arrange and simpler to use, it would do even better. How might this be accomplished? What are and how important are widespread “open skies” agreements?
2. Discussion Question – Passenger Transportation
What have been the most dramatic changes in passenger transportation over the centuries? What brought on those changes? What happens to a location’s ability to attract tourists that does not have very many transportation choices? When you travel, how do you make your decision on what transportation to take?
3. Discussion Question – PATA
What is PATA? What is the purpose of this organization? How would the state of Alaska benefit from belonging to PATA? Are there other organizations similar to PATA in other parts of the world? What is the ultimate goal of PATA? Do you think organizations like this are helpful or harmful to the tourism industry, why or why not?
4. Discussion Question – Leadership Qualities 
What leadership qualities are necessary to lead a major travel organization? You can focus on the profile of Taleb Rifai or the profile of Roger Dow. How do you think these qualities were developed for each? How can you develop these qualities?
5. Discussion Question – Space Travel
What are your thoughts about traveling to space? Is this a good development for the travel industry or not? Would you want to travel to space one day, why or why not? What kind of industry would be created if space travel becomes a reality for all?
6. Discussion Question – Hyperloop
How do you see hyperloop changing the future of travel in the US and beyond? Do you see it becoming a real choice in travel? Would you want to travel via this form for transportation?

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